University of Bristol - Rapid AMR detection team


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The team from the University of Bristol that developed the optical technology capable of detecting nanoscale fluctuations in living bacteria gave rise to a new company with the mission of changing the way clinicians make decisions on antibiotic choice.   

The University team is still actively researching the origin of these puzzling fluctuations, while the new company, Vitamica Ltd (, is focusing on developing a rapid antimicrobial susceptibility test for urinary tract infections (UTI). Specifically, Vitamica is developing a method for treating a urine sample with a range of antibiotics before assessing their effect on bacterial fluctuations. Trials have been already performed using different classes of antibiotics, and the technique has been applied to several species of bacteria – proving that the method is suitable for rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing.  

The team at the University of Bristol supports the continuous improvement of the technique, building more refined methods for data analysis. Initial trials with machine learning algorithms that will accelerate result capture and interpretation in a future diagnostic system have shown encouraging results.  

If you would like to be introduced to this team for collaboration, get in touch with the Longitude prize.