Test & Treat

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The technology is designed for point of care use, such that the physician can detect (Test1: Sensitivity 97.1%, Specificity 92%) a UTI in 5 mins then (Test2) confidently prescribe a suitable antibiotic to treat the identified infection whilst the patient is present. Data indicates 30% of patients (human Medical Centre clinical evaluation data) treated empirically ( a mix of infection-resistant first antibiotic prescribing and UTI-negative patients who are treated inappropriately) would benefit from adoption of the Test&Treat technology.

Test&Treat technology provides quantitative antibiotic susceptibility in 30mins (with sensitivity and specificity >90%) on first line antibiotic treatment of UTI. The technology, based on ATP bioluminescence, is now being commercialised in partnership with Abtek Biologicals, Liverpool.

Test&Treat is a UK limited company, formed  September 2017 (Company Number 10971513).