Swift Molecular Diagnostics LTD

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Swift Molecular Diagnostics Ltd (Swiftdx) are developing a cost-effective, rapid, easy-to-use and highly specific genetic test strip that can be performed directly by the patient in under 15 minutes. It will be similar in look, use, and interpretation to a self-use pregnancy test. A line will develop on the strip to give a yes or no answer as to the presence of the target DNA sequences. Unlike PCR and other competing technologies, the device does not require any additional machinery to function.

Technology Summary

To be clinically relevant, DNA diagnostics must be able to detect low levels of DNA from the pathogen in the patient sample. Current technologies detect these low levels by amplifying specific DNA sequences using expensive laboratory machinery. This amplified material can be viewed on a gel or applied to a lateral flow test that gives a “yes” or “no” answer to the presence of the pathogen DNA sequence. The Swiftdx rapid diagnostic test uses a proprietary cascade amplification system that occurs on the lateral flow test. This means that a patient sample can be applied directly to the test DNA or RNA sequences will be detected directly.

Intellectual property

The patent for the detection and cascade amplification was submitted in June 2015. In December 2017, the PCT application was submitted to the UK, EU, US, China and India. No 3rd party IP is required for the development of our test.

Stage of development

Swiftdx have produced a prototype on a generic target (ampicillin resistance in E. Coli) demonstrating the functionality of the technology. Development is now underway to produce a multiplexed test that can be used to determine correct antibiotic use for a bacterial infection.


Genetic results in 15 minutes, no transport of samples to lab, manufacturing estimates of 23-50p a unit (depending on volume)

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