SensiCheck DX

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At SensiCheck DX, we are developing a rapid, reliable and convenient Point-of-Care diagnostics platform. Our system will firstly verify the presence or absence of bacterial infection in a clinical sample. The system can also indicate whether there is a fungal infection present and proceed to profiling resistance of bacteria present.Clinicians will be able to check biofluids or biopsy samples rapidly and simply. Our next-gen kits will be field portable and robust with high reliability. We are leveraging trusted testing methods from the medical device industry to detect contamination and bringing them to patient care.Stephen Geary (Chief Executive Officer, Sothic Bioscience)Experienced biologist & entrepreneur, expert in molecular diagnostics, assay development and recombinant techniques. Experienced in pyrogen & bacterial endotoxin control, MRSA resistance profiling and clinical microbiology.

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