SciDogma Research

About this entry

SciDogma Research is a research and innovation driven company working in clinical diagnosis space. The team is engaged to develop cost effective diagnosis and automation in medical technology to serve low resource settings. The first product of SciDogma Research is CNC microscope – an automated microscope that provides a platform for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Currently, the team trying to integrate engineering with molecular diagnosis to develop most efficient platform to deal with early detection of infectious diseases, anti-microbial resistance management and screening of symptomatic infections.

Nucleic acid test(NAT) is a highly sensitive test for identification of infection causing pathogens and MDR strains. However, NAT is not successfully scaled up in low resource setting where more infectious diseases are reported. Addition to expensive instruments, sample preparation is one of the biggest challenges in NAT. Realizing such challenges, we are developing a single step nucleic acid detection method that can be implemented in rural set up without relying on any expensive resources including centrifuge, thermo-cycler or electrophoresis unit. We are trying to develop cost effective technology for low resource setting to address this challenge. Our technology included three steps using frugal innovation: sample preparation; gene amplification by self-powered revolutionary gene amplification system and detection on smartphone using a smartphone application.

If you would like to be introduced to this team for collaboration, get in touch with the Longitude prize.