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Bacterial respiratory infections are a leading killer of young children and the elderly. Their early symptoms are often similar to those of more benign viral infections or allergic responses. Our mission is to provide caregivers with rapid, objective guidance in treating these cases.

Today, caregivers primarily rely on their clinical skills and patient self-reporting to assess whether or not to admit a patient for further testing, prescribe antibiotics, or discharge a patient from the hospital. Difficulty differentiating bacterial causes of acute respiratory symptoms results in 47M excess antibiotic prescriptions a year, driving $7B in adverse drug reaction costs and the evolution of multi-drug resistant "superbugs". Vigilant use of quantitative immunoassays during diagnosis has been shown to greatly decrease overprescription rates and overtesting of patients, but they are often too slow and inaccessible for time-sensitive environments like primary care and the ER. 

ReoLab technology can do any central lab quantitative immunoassay in less than an hour, on the benchtop. We can empower caregivers with the information they need to make clear treatment decisions, as they need it.

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