Nanopore Diagnostics


Discovery Award Winner

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At Nanopore Diagnostics we are developing a rapid bacterial diagnostic test to fight antibiotic misuse. Our test will determine exactly what kind of infection is present, if any, in fewer than 30 minutes. This will enable physician’s to make an informed antibiotic decision during an initial patient exam. Such rapid testing is possible with our proprietary technology platform, which utilizes a nanopore sensor to count microbial nucleic acids present in minimally processed clinical samples.We will initially focus on the blood-borne infections of severely ill sepsis patients in the emergency room. These infections are life threatening and take days to diagnose. Physicians currently prescribe cocktails of broad-spectrum antibiotics trying to cover all possibilities. Our rapid test will ensure these patients get the best possible treatment upon first being seen, thereby preventing antibiotic misuse, decreasing healthcare costs, and helping to save lives.

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