Country: England

What infection type does your test focus on? Bloodstream Infection, Sepsis

What does your test detect? Host Response

About the Team: 

Mologic is a leading developer and manufacturer of lateral flow and rapid diagnostic technologies.

Our Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Paul Davis, was the originator of the Clearblue pregnancy test. Launched in 1988, it was the world’s first commercial application of lateral flow technology. The creativity, insight and knowledge that led to that groundbreaking invention has guided Mologic since our formation in 2003, and Mologic has been behind some of the most important innovations in rapid point-of-care diagnosis since then.

In 2016, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported the establishment of the Centre for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics (CARD) to improve the sensitivity of low-cost, visually read lateral flow technology. In 2018, CARD delivered a 1,000 improvement in the technology platform’s sensitivity – allowing the visual detection of less than 1pg/ml of HIV p24 and malaria LDH antigens on a low-cost device. Today, Mologic is working on 10 innovative products for epidemics and neglected diseases.

Twitter: @mologic