Module Innovations

Country: India

What infection type does your test focus on? Urinary Tract Infection

What does your test detect? Pathogen(s)

About the Team: 

Module Innovations a technology startup working in the area of rapid and point of care diagnostics is located in Pune, India. The team at Module is a mix of scientists, engineers, doctors and MBA’s having a unanimous vision of making healthcare affordable to all. With our platform technologies we can detect bacterial infections in 30 minutes giving power to doctors for quick and precise treatment. We are now working towards identifying microbial resistance among bacteria at the point of care and by colorimetric changes in time span of less than 60 minutes. With this technology identifying the bacteria and its effective antibiotic would be possible at the patient bedside, by colorimetric changes and without instrument and trained manpower. We believe technology alone has the potential to change the fate of mankind and we surely are poised to achieve that.

USense is a credit card size test that detects 4 major uropathogens in a single test. The central well is the place where you add the sample. The sample flows into the 4 corners of the test device, each specific to a particular bacteria.The color change from blue to red indicates the presence of the bacteria in urine that is causing UTI. The results are seen in 30-60 minutes and the test can be done at the point of care itself, with results visible to naked eye.

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