MedLabs Diagnostics

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MedLabs Diagnostics is innovating personalized and targeted antibiotic therapy to reduce antimicrobial resistance and inappropriate exposure to antibiotics via molecular stratification of antibiotic resistant genes. As a rapid, point of care diagnostic for physicians, the novel innovation will allow for rapid identification of the pathogen and the resistance mechanism such that targeted and specific antibiotics can be implemented for efficient treatment protocols. The diagnostic is a real-time PCR multiplex assay that can identify up to 32 of the top most important antibacterial resistance genes such that patient stratification and drug class implementation models can be readily utilized on the same day (as opposed to traditional culture which can take 5 days). The assay is able to characterize the usage of different antibiotic classes as well as identify the source of the pathogenic infection so that appropriate and targeted antibiotics can be properly administered. We are developing a future of molecular characterization and stratification for antibiotic resistance to reduce the overall economic public health burden and curb overuse of antibiotics to actively manage and pioneer novel molecular standardization of antibiotic stewardship programs on a global scale.