Country: Sweden

What infection type does your test focus on? Bloodstream Infection

What does your test detect? Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern

About the Team: 

To prevent antibiotic resistance and increase the patient outcome, healthcare providers should prescribe antibiotics correctly, i.e. start the right drug as soon as possible at the right dose, based on knowledge about bacterial species and antibiotic susceptibility pattern from the patient sample. AST results within short times and with high precision are demanded, especially for blood stream infections (sepsis) where every hour before appropriate therapy is initiated, increases mortality and hospital costs. Our proprietary QuickMIC® method generates ultra-rapid phenotypic AST results, including precise MIC values, with results the same day as the blood culture signals positive.

The QuickMIC AST system is based on Gradientech’s proprietary microfluidic technology to create stable substance gradients. By real-time monitoring of bacterial growth and quantification of micro-colonies within precise antibiotic gradients, phenotypic susceptibility guidance is maintained within as short as 2 hours. The system is modular based with small, cost-effective instruments running single patient samples, which can be stacked and scaled to run twelve samples in parallel from the same interface. The QuickMIC AST system is currently in late development phase with the production transfer being initiated. Clinical performance evaluations will be performed with leading European clinical microbiology laboratories, starting during 2020.