Discovery Award Winner

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We are two partly-retired Chartered Chemists with diverse R&D experience, including physico-chemical properties of surface and internal structure of keratin substances, together with proven project management and business skills at a European level.Gram +ve/ -ve & Bradford Protein Assay tests are techniques using dyestuffs for the respective identification and measurement of bacteria types and measurement of proteins in solution. We believe, based on our experience that this approach can be taken much further. Viruses have harder protein shells or capsids (like keratins) and are different to the outer membranes of bacteria. The capsid may react in a similar way to keratins making a vast range of available acid dyes available for the development of a simple test under ambient conditions.The first step is to develop a test which distinguishes between viruses and bacteria on the basis of the physico-chemical differences of their outer shells. This would be more specific than measuring the bi-products of the body’s response to infection; because this is one-step removed from direct identification of virus/ bacteria.Having identified if a bacterium is present it will be necessary to validate the specificity of the bacterium/dye response and then link this to appropriate antibiotic treatment. This will require the use of rather more sophisticated analytical methods which other registrants for The Prize have available. The EDPAL partnership is seeking to share our ideas with others with access to appropriate laboratory facilities. 

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