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The laboratory (LERI) is an academic laboratory part of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Its research activity is based on the production, characterization and use of antibodies for analytical or therapeutic purposes. The LERI develops fast immunoenzymatic tests (ELISA, EIA), as well as immunochromatographic tests (lateral flow immunoassays (LFIA)) suitable for hospitals, medical analysis laboratories, and first responders in the field of bio-defense and infectious diseases. The LERI together with the company NG-biotech and French National Reference Center for Carbapenem-resistant Enterobactericeae (Thierry Naas) is now commercializing test strips for the detection of resistance of enterobacteria to beta-lactams (detection of CTXM) and carbapenems (detection of VIM, IMP, NDM-1, OXA-48, KPC) antibiotics. To improve the LFIA technology, new features must be developed in order to simplify the sample treatment, to facilitate the multiplexing, to increase the analytical sensitivity and to eliminate potential interferences due to biological media. All these new features should allow direct detection in clinical samples. To reach these objectives, LERI has developed a new patented concept which integrates an LFIA detection strip into a plastic device which carries out in a very simple way the sample treatment (filtration, concentration, extraction, incubation) and deposition onto the LFIA.