cAST – Companion AST

Country: India

What infection type does your test focus on? Urinary Tract Infection

What does your test detect? Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern

About the Team: 

Companion AST – cAST is an early stage IVD venture. We provide a solution to eliminate the time-consuming culture cycles of the current antibiotic susceptibility testing instruments, reducing the time of AST results from 3-14 days to <1 hours. We are developing a low cost, point of care device to quickly penetrate the Indian market and provide rapid, cheap as well as accurate AST to physicians at disease onset to treat bacterial infections. The team is led by alumni and current faculty of IIT-Madras who are coming together to build a solution to a global epidemic. We are further advised by a wide range of medtech, clinical and pharmaceutical industry veterans in US/India to build a sustainable product. 

The most important success for us will be to reduce the burden of antibiotics on our society and win the evolutionary war between microbial genes and humanity. The cAST team is developing a new imaging device to perform rapid point-of-care diagnosis of antibiotic resistant bacteria for urinary tract infections. Our device will be a sample-in/result-out automated device requiring no trained technician and generating antibiotic susceptibility reports directly on urine samples.