About this entry

We are an interdisciplinary team with experience in materials science, microbiology, and molecular biology based at the University of Manchester. We are developing a low cost point of care diagnostic. BactiFlocc could be situated in GP surgeries, optometrist practices, and hospitals, with the ability to identify bacterial species in a clinical sample within two hours, without the use of specialist equipment.

We have preliminary data showing proof of principle and close relationships with clinicians, helping us to drive forward this diagnostic. We aim to inform clinicians on the bacterial status of a suspected infection, thereby facilitating treatment decisions by providing information on whether a suspected infection is bacterial and if so, what antibiotics would be most appropriate for treatment. A clinical sample such as blood or a swab will be added to a tube containing all of the necessary reagents. After two hours in a pre-programmed thermal cycler the test will be visibly positive or negative.

If you would like to be introduced to this team for collaboration, get in touch with the Longitude prize.