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Attomarker is a spin-out company from the research group of Prof Andrew Shaw at the University of Exeter. We have developed a hand-held device that can measure 8 blood biomarkers from a 5 microlitre blood sample in 5 minutes. The device docks on the user's iPhone and interrogates a single-use chip. The iPhone camera reads the intensity changes on a nanophotonic array from which the target biomarker species tests results are determined. The device communicates with the cloud to deliver information (anonymously) for public health monitoring. The technology provides a small-form-factor device that can be used by every doctor before making an antibiotic prescription. For instance, a C reactive protein (CRP) test, as recommended by NICE, can be used for the differential diagnosis of respiratory tract infections. The CRP test can be extended to the pharmacists where a triage test could be used to reduce the numbers of people going to GPs with the influenza. However, and critically, the data from the tests can be collated to provide real-time incidence of influenza which changes the accuracy of the CRP diagnostic test. Ultimately, the CRP test can be used at home as the 21st century thermometer, allowing safe triage of influenza and other viral infections escalating rapidly for example in the early onset of bacterial infection and sepsis. For the healthcare professional we have developed a more advanced Longitude chip diagnostic biomarker panel that can perform a differential diagnosis viral, Gram positive and Gram negative infections by profiling the host response.


If you would like to be introduced to this team for collaboration, get in touch with the Longitude prize.