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ArcDia International Oy Ltd is a Finnish company with a long history and dedication to research in biotechnology. ArcDia produces mariPOC®, a new standard for rapid infectious diseases diagnostics. With mariPOC®, ArcDia allows efficient point-of-care testing of respiratory infections. ArcDia's mariPOC® was launched in 2011. It detects several pathogens from a single swab sample, and its specificity and sensitivity is equal to state-of-the-art laboratory methods.ArcDias mariPOC® standard can accelerate the recuperation of patients, enhance the patient management process in hospitals, and ultimately lead to the grand goal of significantly reduced usage of antibiotics.

ArcDia's products optimize antibiotic use. mariPOC product line for identification detects even those low bacterial positive samples (e.g. due to poor sampling) that would be missed by culture. Multianalyte mariPOC testing gives pathogen specific diagnosis which helps the physician not to treat viral infections with antibiotics. mariAST product line gives the resistance information faster than other methods reducing empirical antibiotic use. mariCloud product line creates the most accurate epidemiological picture in the world about circulating acute infections and resistant pathogens.

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