All India Institute of Medical Sciences

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All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi is an apex institution of India for medical learning. AIIMS has made significant contribution in developing new methods, devices and protocols for best possible healthcare. Our team at AIIMS includes hospital management experts, physicians, bacteriologists, Mycobacteriologists, Parasitologists, Pharmacologists and Biomedical Engineers from within and outside AIIMS. The team has several patents including development of rapid tests for the diagnosis and prediction of MDR-tuberculosis and Leishmaniasis using novel recombinant antigens. The team members have also found herbal and synthetic compounds highly active against drug resistant organisms and team members have done outstanding work on hospital acquired infections, drug resistance profiling and prevention through strict hand hygiene practices in hospital settings. The team also has expertise in designing and fabrication of microfluidic platforms (EWOD). For this entry our team would like to contain the spread of antimicrobial resistance through comprehensive approach, by developing rapid and point of care tests using microfluidic and nanoparticles; promoting hand hygiene and strict waste management strategies; awareness programmes about AMR and its implications on the mankind at community and hospital levels using IEC tools. Government of India and state governments will be prompted to legislate or amend the appropriate rules to stop the availability of antibiotics over the counter for human or animal uses, without prescription. We will also emphasize through IEC and one-to-one dialogues to stop manual brooming of premises of healthcare settings to minimize the dissemination of the hospital acquired resistant microorganisms through airborne route.

Please see our recent publication in Scientific Reports (March 24, 2017) on related innovation. The full paper is available using the link

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