AI Medical

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Advancements in Artificial intelligence are bringing forward the development and management of complex matters and global issues that we face in today’s world. That is why artificial intelligence should be the next step in combating world problems that cannot be solved efficiently enough by man power alone. The crisis of antibiotic resistance is of great priority and the first issue to be addressed is that of the diagnostic testing of pathogenic infections to minimise wrongful use of antibiotics. This research has developed the newest technology in diagnostics using artificial intelligence recognition algorithm database. With the use of coding to train the software the intelligence system can be taught how to recognise and distinguish every different type of pathogenic infection, bacterial, parasitic and viral- displaying its results in less than 30 minutes. The device is low cost production, easily used with minimal training for staff needed as the AI device is its own scientist and needs no person to assist which makes it perfect for all settings - GP, hospital, home visits. It is also low cost to use and maintain making it a adequate machine to be used in developing countries. This device will lead a new generation of software that is fully committed to benefiting man kinds medical health substantially.