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Affigenix is an emerging Bangalore -based ISO 9001-2008 certified biotech company, which has been in operation since 2013. Affigenix provides complete solutions for bioanalytical, bioassay and clearance assay development for biologics manufacturing. Affigenix focus on developing the immune, molecular and cell based assay suitable for biologics. Drug and diagnostics development has enabled us to become a go-to company for developing high performing assays with tough and unique specifications from our clients. The R&D facility is equipped to do cutting edge research in areas such as antibody engineering, immuno and molecular diagnosis. We have wealth of experience in performing bio-burden tests in final drug products, animal health monitoring of preclinical study animals to assess if they are pathogen free and development of novel antibodies against protease enzymes and bacterial antigens. As an innovative biotech company our mission is to develop innovative, quality and cost effective 'Made in India' products suitable for use in life science industries and in low resource settings. In the last 3 years, we have won awards for developing innovative diagnostic kits and we are at a juncture to expand our business in to manufacturing and testing. 

We are developing a platform technology to amplify antibiotic resistant genes using isothermal gene amplification technology for use in remote settings.