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Our Team has combined expertise in Bioengineering, Opto-electronics, Machine Learning and Embedded hardware systems.  Our focus is on Multispectral spectral imaging combined with AI engine to aid in Rapid, Label Free microbiome detection. We are working towards a Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing device capable of measuring autofluorescence biomarker changes and identify antibiotic susceptibility from a microfluidic chip coated with different antibiotics specific for Pseudomonas detection in under 4 hours. The device is completely automated and does not require any external sample processing step and can be used in point of care settings. This device will enable any physician from a remote settings to well established facility towards right antibiotic treatment and prevent over use or prescription of emperical antibiotics due to lack of resources, manpower and infrastructure.

If you would like to be introduced to this team for collaboration, get in touch with the Longitude prize.