3i Diagnostics

Country: United States

What infection type does your test focus on? Respiratory Tract Infection , Tuberculosis , Sepsis, (we are focusing on blood & sputum initially, but intend to cover all clinical matrices)

What does your test detect? Pathogen(s)

About the Team: 

3iDx is a privately held company based in Germantown, Maryland that has developed a new diagnostic platform capable of identifying a broad range of bacteria directly from patient samples (including whole blood) in less than 20 minutes. The platform was developed in collaboration with personnel from the University of Maryland, NIST, and physicians from several leading hospitals. The team is experienced at launching diagnostic medical devices and has technical expertise in microfluidics, microbiology, chemical engineering, spectroscopy, bacterial pathogenesis and includes practicing physicians. They are all based in the US and are led by Jim Janicki, CEO and Dr. Rajesh Krishnamurthy, CTO.

Our solution isolates and concentrates intact microbes directly from whole blood and other sample types by (i) selectively breaking down non-microbial components, using a novel proprietary mechanical lysis technique, to a size smaller than intact microbes (ii) separating the lysis debris from intact microbes, (iii) concentrating it, (iv) acquiring the infrared spectral profile, and (v) comparing the unique signature against other signatures in a database. The solution does not involve expensive reagents and does not require refrigeration for storage, is non-destructive, and can capture and identify a broad range of pathogens.