How to reach the Level of Development to win the Prize

15 Oct 2019

All competitors who submit an application to win the Longitude Prize  must be able to demonstrate they have reached the level of development as stated in the Longitude Prize Rules.

Before entering the Longitude Prize you must have produced at least three functional test units. It must be a design-locked, optimised prototype which has undergone performance evaluation in preparation for regulatory approval.

You must submit laboratory data that demonstrates the accuracy and safety of your test. In addition, you must submit qualitative data that indicates that your test will have adequate clinical utility in your chosen clinical pathway(s). Published data is preferred.

These frequently asked questions (FAQ) have been compiled to address questions commonly received by the Longitude Prize management team at Nesta in reference to the level of development needed. These FAQs are written in reference to the new EU IVD regulations as it is expected that a successful Longitude Prize winner would submit for registration in Europe.