Effectiveness of Cancer Treatments Threatened by Rising Antibiotic Resistance

18 February 2020

This research report  offers a snapshot of the threat that rising antibiotic resistance poses to the treatment of cancer. The results of the study shine a light on UK’s oncologists worries about the rise of antibiotic resistance and what it means, in their eyes, for the effective care of their patients. It serves a dual purpose: raising awareness of the risks posed by superbugs to healthcare as we know it, and, we hope, encouraging increased support for R&D and procurement for both antibiotics and rapid-diagnostics.

medeConnect Healthcare Insight surveyed 100 UK Oncologists from across the UK between 20 December 2019 and 3 February 2020. There are approximately 900 clinical oncologists in the UK meaning this study represents one in nine clinical oncologists. In comparison, for a GP Omnibus survey, the target is 1,000 out of around 40,000 GPs. medeConnect is the market research division of Doctors.net.uk. Doctors.net.uk is the largest website for doctors in the UK and around a quarter of UK doctors log on every day.

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