Podcast: When the microbes fight back

03 Jan 2018

Written by Shae Harmon, Longitude Prize

Will the state of antibiotic resistance have to get much worse before it gets better? Laura Bowater thinks so.

In this podcast, digital editor, Shae Harmon, interviews Professor Laura Bowater, from the University of East Anglia about her new book, The Microbes Fight Back: Antibiotic Resistance, as a tool to engage a broader public audience and the challenges she faced finding an accessible message while also keeping her voice.

She also discusses her new crowd sourcing project with the Microbiology Society and the project is called Antibiotic Unearthed to encourage the public to search for novel antibiotics from soil bacteria, as well as the role of diagnostics in reducing antibiotic resistance.

You can see, review and buy her book here.

Q&A Podcast: When the microbes fight back