Podcast: An affordable blood test that detects antibiotic resistance

09 May 2018

Written by Shae Harmon, Longitude Prize

Nishant Kumar, founder of Embryyo Technologies, talks about when his father had poor diagnosis for a urinary tract infection and how that helped inspire Nishant’s work in designing a diagnostic test for antibiotic resistance. Having won a Longitude Prize Discovery Award, his team continues to work in Pune, India with the aim to apply for the Longitude Prize in 12-18 months time.

Listen to his story, how his team’s test works, and what it would mean to them to win above. (You can also download the sound file here)

Nishant Kumar on Embryyo's diagnostic technology

Fighting superbugs in India

You can also catch a visual of the Embryyo team and lab in our 10 minute short film about antibiotic resistance in India (approx: 8:08).

Here teams were interviewed about the antibiotic resistance situation in India, and the technologies they are working on to help address the problem. Nishant’s team was one of two Indian teams interviewed for this project. We currently have 26 Indian teams registered in competition for the Longitude Prize.