Longitude Prize Sprint

The Longitude Prize launched the Longitude Prize Sprint programme in July 2020.

The Sprint programme is free and will consist of a mix of Sprint Workshops and Sprint 1:1 Expert Support and is perfect for people and teams working in the field of AMR diagnostic test development.

Sprint 1:1 Expert Support: Test Validation

We will be offering more tailored 1:1 expert support opportunities for Longitude Prize Teams. We’re excited to give teams access to some of the best clinical validation experts in the UK through a second phase of expert support from January 2021.

A. Who can participate?
Longitude Prize Teams only.

B. What should I expect?
Based on a very light and quick competitive process, we will offer selected teams expert assessment of existing validation results and future plans for clinical studies in partnership with the NIHR MedTech and In-vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (MIC) across the UK. We will also support teams to find replacement sites for studies that are stalled due to Covid-19.

C. Application deadline
As we are a prize, we need to have an objective process each time there is additional support.


Sprint Workshops

The Longitude Prize will be running three Sprint Workshop webinars.

A. Who can participate?
The Sprint Workshops (virtual webinars) are open to all Longitude Prize Competitors, along with diagnostic test developers who are looking for technical advice and support for: regulatory pathways, finance and investment, and manufacture and distribution strategies.

B. What should I expect?
There will be three Sprint Workshops on the following topics: