How to apply

All the information you need to apply to win the Longitude Prize

The Longitude Prize is open for anyone to compete, and we welcome your participation.

You can register for and enter the Longitude Prize at any time. The Longitude Prize will close when the Longitude Committee agrees that a competitor has fully met all of the requirements set out in the Prize Rules and decides to award the prize. Full details of how to enter the Longitude Prize are outlined in our Prize Rules.


If your team is interested in competing in the Longitude Prize, please complete our online registration form.

By registering successfully for the Prize you will receive key information and updates regarding the Prize and will be able to formally apply to win. We would encourage you to register at an early stage so that we can showcase your development, and involve you in any workshops we are running to aid your team and track your progress towards winning the prize.

Once you have registered, a link to a full application form on Submittable will be made available to you. Note: You cannot formally apply to win the Prize on this site.


Before you complete and submit your application form via the Submittable link we sent you in your registration confirmation email, you must check to see whether your innovation fully meets all of the criteria set out in our Prize Rules.

Application forms and any supporting evidence that you have need to be uploaded on to a secure online system. The Prize Rule document is designed to give instructions on how to successfully fill out the main application form.

All applications must be submitted using the link sent to you by the Longitude Prize Management team when registering as a
Competitor. Please used the linked PDF application to use as a reference only.

Entry Deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time, but they will only be reviewed and assessed every four months: 31 January, 31 May, 30 September. The prize will close if and when a suitable winner is found. The last application deadline, if no winner has been found before then, will be 30 September 2022.


Once submitted, expert external assessors will undertake a rigorous assessment of all entries to the Longitude Prize to check whether they meet the criteria to win the prize.

Your entry will be unsuccessful if:

  • It is clear that your entry does not meet or is not capable of meeting the prize criteria,
  • Your application form is incomplete,
  • Your entry is out-of-scope for the prize, i.e, if the entry is not a diagnostic test.

If your entry is unsuccessful, you will be informed of this decision by e-mail within two months of the relevant quarterly application deadline.

Prize Advisory Panel

Any entries that are judged by our expert external assessors, that fully meet or are close to meeting the prize criteria will be sent to the Prize Advisory Panel for further assessment. The Prize Advisory Panel will review these entries and if they believe that your entry meets the criteria to win the Prize, you will be invited for an interview. Following the interview, if the Panel agrees that you have met the criteria you will be invited to take part in independent testing.


Testing will take place over the six months following the Prize Advisory Panel’s decision. If the Panel judges that the testing confirms that the entry meets the criteria, they will recommend the entry as a potential winner to the Longitude Committee.

Longitude Committee

If the Longitude Committee agree that your entry meets the criteria and the Prize aims, the entry will be awarded the Longitude Prize.

If no entry is judged by the Longitude Committee to have met all of the requirements and Prize aims set out in the Prize Rules, the competition will be reviewed on the 30 September 2022.