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Current methods for detecting antibiotic susceptibility profiles are too slow to influence antibiotic prescription choices resulting in delayed treatment or clinical decisions based on informed guesswork leading to the well-documented overuse of antibiotics that encourages the rise of antibiotic resistance worldwide. Orbital Diagnostic’s long-term aim will be to become a global enterprise addressing the developed world market for PoC diagnostics devices through forming a number of strategic relationships with device manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. OD will also strive to address the developing world need through the design, manufacture and supply of an appropriate cost-effective device for these countries.A range of laboratory methods are already available to help clinicians determine bacterial sensitivities to antibiotics and to identify the infecting organism. Current devices provide accurate results in the clinical laboratory setting, but the equipment is expensive to purchase, maintain & use and results are only available after 24hrs. Crucially the time to diagnosis is much longer than the rapid progression of the infective process and cannot inform correct antibiotic choice in a timely manner. Our studies demonstrate that our device, SLIC, is considerably cheaper than existing clinical diagnostic systems and provide rapid, accurate results. Novel SLIC-based testing systems are potentially a factor of x5 - x10 cheaper than systems available now. In addition, the simplest form of the SLIC device would be an appropriate, novel front-line medical device for point of care and ideal for resource poor environments. SLIC is simple, effective and does not require highly trained technical staff.