Register as a Competitor

If you would like to compete in the Longitude Prize, please complete this form to register as a competitor. By registering for the Prize you will be able to formally compete in the Longitude Prize and you will receive key information and updates regarding the Prize. Some of the information provided in this form will be made publicly available on this website. 



Step 1
Will not be visible publicly
Will not be visible publicly
Will not be visible publicly. Should be registered company address unless you are entering as an individual.
Step 2
Logo or team photo
Files must be less than 256 MB.
Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Images must be larger than 712x401 pixels.
Will not be visible publicly
Will not be visible publicly
This should briefly introduce you or your team, your experience and your area of work (for the Prize). This will be publicly visible on the Longitude Prize website. 250 Word limit.
Step 3
  • we understand that participation is at our own risk and the decision to award of the Prize is at the discretion of the Longitude Committee
  • we meet the "Who can Win" eligibility criteria
  • we consent to use of our personal data by Nesta and its partners

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Please familiarise yourself with the following documents about the Prize.