Discovery Awards

To get ideas off the ground and closer to winning the Longitude Prize

  1. 21 November 2016 First round winners announced Ceremony takes place on 2nd anniversary of Longitude Prize
  2. Early 2017 Second round launched More details coming soon

What are the Discovery Awards?

The Discovery Awards are small seed grants to help teams and individuals further develop their ideas for the Longitude Prize.

This seed funding aims to help registered teams move their ideas forward, as well as to broaden the range of innovators competing for the Prize by encouraging new teams to enter the race.

Please note that the first round of the Discovery Awards have now closed. Meet the winners.  

Thanks to generous support from Merck & Co., we will be running a second round of Discovery Awards launching at the beginning of 2017. These grants will be open to any registered teams from any countries. Check this page for more details in the weeks to come. 

Visit our funding page for other opportunities to fund your AMR research.