Creating incentives for people-powered health

29 Jan 2016

Written by Nina Cromeyer Dieke

The Longitude Prize is seeking solutions from innovators around the world to help stop the threat of antibiotic resistance. We believe good ideas and new approaches can come from anywhere, and we want to create an incentive for anyone with potential to solve one of the biggest health problems we’re facing. We know there is untapped potential around the world, and within the UK, that could help combat superbugs, and we are approaching the search for a solution within a framework of people-powered health.

People-powered health

For Nesta, this means a health system for people, by people and with people. This approach has been a key element of the Longitude Prize since its inception: A public vote decided which problem this £10million fund would tackle, and it was the UK public who decided that antibiotic resistance needed our attention the most. Now we want people – including bioengineers, microbiologists, lab technicians or anyone with a good idea! – to come forth and tell us how they plan to beat superbugs. Our vision is to find a diagnostic for the point of care in any health system, capable of being used by patients and health workers alike to help them better understand if and which antibiotics they need.

Longitude Prize is just one of Nesta’s projects aiming to combat pressing health issues through the collective power of people. Last summer Nesta launched Health Lab to bring together practical work on health and ageing and have more impact. Health Lab reflects Nesta’s long–term commitment to improving people’s health and wellbeing, in the context of an ageing population.

Executive Director Halima Khan explains their vision for a people-powered health system: “This means providing healthcare for people when they need it, enabling people to manage their health in their everyday life, and connecting people into networks that help support one another.”

The future of healthcare

Health Lab are having their flagship event on the 9th of February in London. The Future of People Powered Health will showcase and celebrate pioneering work in healthcare and set out inspiring perspectives on how the health system can reconfigure itself to meet future demands. Speakers include senior decision-makers, top industry leaders, policy commentators, entrepreneurs and future-thinking practitioners, including Longitude Committee member Prof. Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust. Find out more.

As our third submission round comes to a close this Sunday, we look forward to reading through ideas of how to tackle antibiotic resistance. We continue to be amazed by the diversity in approaches to tackling this major problem and we are certain that people-powered solutions are vital if we wish to tackle what the UK perceives as the biggest health threat to the country.

Hear from Health Lab Executive Director Halima Kham about the Lab’s plans and vision

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