AMR Cross-Council Initiative: New funding call

15 May 2015

Written by Longitude Prize Team

The anti-microbial resistance cross-council initiative has launched a new funding call: Accelerating therapeutic and diagnostic development.

The MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, and ESRC are supporting this call and the MRC is managing it on behalf of the funding partners.

The focus of the call is to:

  • refresh the pipeline for human and animal antibiotics
  • develop new non-drug based treatments for bacterial infections (vaccines, immunotherapies, probiotics, prebiotics, phages, amongst others)
  • improve the efficacy of existing drugs through effective dosing strategies to minimise development of resistance and/or develop more targeted delivery methods
  • accelerate the scale-up and manufacture of novel antibiotics and vaccines
  • underpin the development of rapid, point of care diagnostics to enable the most appropriate therapy/intervention to be chosen
  • develop innovative diagnostics data linkages for community settings to monitor spread; and
  • consider the real world issues that will affect the development and utilisation of new treatments and diagnostics

Partnership between industry and academia is actively encouraged under this initiative.

The call has two funding modes:

Collaborative grants

 ~£3m each for 4-5 years, multidisciplinary in nature across more than one research organisation

Innovative grants

 ~£200k each over 12-24 months, highly innovative, high risk/high gain

Deadline for submission is 4 June 2015.

Visit the call website page to find out more. If you have any queries, you can also contact: