Longitude Prize: A Thank you

03 Oct 2014

Written by Longitude Prize Team

The development of a Prize which will transform the campaign against antibiotic resistance was always going to be challenging, but the Longitude Prize team has had a fantastic response to their call for help.

We are confident that the core criteria are in place to make this Prize truly transformational. Along the way, the Longitude Prize team has constantly been buoyed by expressions of enthusiasm from diagnostics developers, doctors, international healthcare agencies, innovators and many more. Already we are hearing from teams impatient to take part, coming from the UK and also Sweden, Peru, India, and America. At the end of July we launched the Open Review. This was a chance for anyone anywhere to comment upon the Prize design as it then looked. At the same time we continued to ask for feedback from experts; in all, we have heard from around 120 people in the last six weeks. Thanks to the public support that the Prize enjoys and its valuable mission, all of these people willingly gave their time and expertise to help ensure maximum impact on the global problem of antibiotic resistance.

In June the British public identified antibiotic resistance as a priority problem. Now the Longitude Prize is motivating science to serve society and respond to the challenge. In November we will be open for submissions which will usher in innovative new tests to help identify bacterial infections and inform appropriate treatment decisions. This will lead to a reduction in inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions, one of the main drivers of antibiotic resistance. Yes, the problem facing us is a big one, but the Longitude Prize is proving that the world has the energy and intellectual brilliance to face down this challenge.

Longitude Committee Meeting

This September also saw another meeting of the Longitude Committee. Some of the finest minds and high profile scientist in the UK make up the historic Committee, who take final responsibility for the Prize and awarding the winners. As well as a discussion on the design of the Prize, the Committee made decisions on the future of Longitude and how best to support prize competitors. The Committee are focussed on ensuring prizes are used to encourage innovation and helping to put science and technology at the cultural heart of the UK.

Watch this Space

Itching to compete in the Prize? Can’t wait to see the amazing innovations that will change the world? Us neither! We will soon be announcing more information including an opening date for the Prize in November and other exciting developments. Make sure you follow Longitude Prize on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest info as well as stories on antibiotic resistance, Case Studies and more.