Who rules the prize? How can you win?

26 Aug 2016
Written by
Longitude Prize

Our graphics explain who governs the Prize and the journey to win. Explore our website for more information or longitude [dot] prize [at] nesta [dot] org [dot] uk (get in touch) if you have any more questions.

The journey from idea to award

Today, 26th August, is the deadline for teams to apply for a Discovery Award, small seed grant to help teams develop their ideas to win the Longitude Prize. Winners will be presented with their awards on the 21st November. Meanwhile the Longitude Prize continues...

Teams can register at any point until either the Prize is won, or the Prize closes at the end of 2019.

Once registered, teams work on their ideas and gain support and collaboration.

Teams can submit an application to win the Prize at any time, and these applications are assessed at the end of January, May and September by the Prize Advisory Panel. If successful they pass through a number of assessment stages, at the end of which the Panel may recommend to the Committee that a winner has been found. 

Who runs the Prize?

The Longitude Prize has a comprehensive governance structure. Nesta designed and is delivering the prize, through the Longitude Prize team within the Challenge Prize Centre.

Innovate UK are funding partner to the Prize, providing £5m towards the award for the winner, and much other support.

The Longitude Prize has a Committee who oversee the Prize and ultimately decide when the Prize is won.

The Prize Advisory Panel is a team of experts in developing and delivering diagnostics to a range of health settings, and their role is to judge the entries to the Prize and to advice the Committee on when they think the winning diagnostic has been found.

A number of Advisors from around the world advise the Longitude Prize team on all aspects of delivering the Prize.