What does a teacher have to say about Superbugs?

13 Jan 2017
Written by
Iasha Iqbal
Part of the posters in Iasha's classroom.

Iasha is a biology teacher at Lesmahagow High School in Scotland. She writes here about her experience with Superbugs in the classroom. 

As it was Biology Week, we set different challenges for all year groups. Posters were displayed all around the school, so the whole school knew what the Biology department would be up to.

Our 3rd years (year 9 equivalent) are in the middle of a microbes unit. This includes different types of microbes, controlling the growth of microbes, and microbes in Industry.

They have just learnt about antibiotics and had carried out an antifungal investigation. One of their challenges was to play the game and the top scorer got a prize. The highest was 58 years 5 months.

It was excellent! Pupils were engaged, they understood how to play, they discussed tactics (is it better to use the Antibiotic straight away, or wait).

Our 3rd years are a challenging group, but this got them hooked from day 1. (Especially when the staff also started playing, so they not only had to compete with each other but also had to beat us!)

Their level of understanding also rose as we discussed the timeline for the discovery of antibiotics throughout the years.

Some of the prizes were giant microbes and that also got them eager to win. Pupils were very addicted and the simplicity of the game meant that everyone could play instantly.

I've never come across a game pupils could download that had so much educational value, yet was still a very addictive game they enjoyed playing.

I cannot praise it enough!

When I discussed the Longitude Prize and the aim of the project with one class, the £10million prize was a good motivator for some of my more able pupils to read up on it some more.

The videos you have on the website are short, to the point, and easy to understand. I will most definitely be using this with my senior classes when we come to the Immunology unit. And will definitely build this into my 3rd year course!

Learn more about Superbugs, our mobile game about antibiotic resistance