Short film: How can dance and martial arts explain antibiotic resistance?

05 May 2016
Written by
Longitude Prize

Hand Hygiene Day 2016 marks the release of Antibiotic Apocalypse, an immersive and creative short film to communicate the problem of resistance.   

Antibiotic Apocalypse uses dance and martial arts to showcase the downfall of antibiotics against resistant bacteria.

The film was produced by Game Dr, a social enterprise focused on health education, and in collaboration with Longitude Prize Advisor Dr Adam Roberts from UCL, Little City Pictures, and Dr Daniel Walker from the University of Glasgow.

Game Dr CEO and microbiologist Dr Carla Brown set up the Edinburgh-based company in 2015 to use innovative and non-traditional learning resources to help change public perceptions around health issues like antibiotic resistance.

It is now available to watch online on Youtube or Vimeo

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