Registering for Longitude Prize: what you need to know

19 Dec 2014
Written by
Longitude team

We want Longitude Prize to be open to anyone and everyone that wants to take part. The criteria to win the Prize are very stretching; the problem of antibiotic resistance is vast and urgent but with the right goals, we can find a solution that really helps to curb this huge issue.

There are two elements to entering Longitude Prize:

  1. Registration - This is the first part of entering Longitude Prize. All you need to do is provide a few details using the form on the ‘Enter the Prize’ page - we will then publish your entry on our website so you will be part of Longitude Prize.
  2. Application - Once your registration has been approved, you will be sent a detailed application form and need to address all of the points in the prize criteria document to be in with a chance of winning the prize.

You can register on our website at any time and there is no obligation to complete a full application for the Prize at all, or for a specific deadline - you can register for the prize today and submit an application to be judged by the Prize Advisory Panel in 2019 if you like! 

Registering for the prize now will be especially beneficial if you are looking to collaborate with others or want to be more involved in the Prize - we will be running events and providing support for teams in the near future but you will need to be registered for the Prize to find out about these opportunities. We’ll be releasing more details about the kind of support we will be providing next year.


Register now for Longitude Prize.