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Clock - our next submission deadline is approaching

If you’re ready to submit an application for the Longitude Prize, this is your friendly reminder that our next submission deadline is 30 September 2017! 

If you think you have a prototype diagnostic test capable of meeting the winning criteria, make sure you complete and submit your application before our next assessment window closes at midnight BST on 30 September 2017

Our judging panel reviews applications every four months, after each of our submission deadlines which are: 31 January, 31 May and 30 September each year. If you’re not quite ready to enter yet, our next assessment deadline will be 30 September 2017 - unless a winner is announced in the meantime. 

Why do we have ongoing deadlines?

The Longitude Prize is a ‘first-past-the-post’ prize. This means the first team that fully meets the winning criteria will be awarded the £8m prize. 

We chose this approach because antibiotic resistance is a global challenge that requires urgent solutions; once a winning test is announced, we want to support it to reach the market as soon as possible. 

The final submission deadline will be 30 September 2019, unless a winner is announced sooner. 

Have you registered? 

Before submitting an application to win the prize, you must first register to compete in the Longitude Prize. If you want to submit your application before the next submission deadline of 30 September and haven’t yet registered, please do so at least a week before the deadline.

Registering involves completing a simple form that explains who you are and what you’re working on. You will then be able to submit your full entry for the prize and will receive key information, opportunities and updates along the way. 

Your official application to the prize will be a lot more extensive: for example, you’ll need to submit technical details, a business plan and your prototype design. Once registered, you’ll receive a link to the full application form.

You can register here, or find more information on how to enter here

This graphic outlines the journey from idea to winning the prize:


Longitude Prize - journey from idea to award infographic

Are you ready to apply for Longitude Prize?

While waiting to submit your application brings the risk of being pipped to the post, it’s important to ensure your test meets all of our criteria before you apply. 

We’re looking for a point-of-care diagnostic test that helps solve the problem of global antibiotic resistance. The winning test must be…

  • Needed: Improve the antibiotic treatment decision of a globally occurring problem.
  • Accurate: Eliminate harmful treatment decisions and give confidence to the user.
  • Affordable: Affordable for purchase and use everywhere that it is needed.
  • Rapid: Under 30 minutes from sample collection to result.
  • Easy-to-use: Can be used and interpreted anywhere in the world without advanced medical resources.
  • Scalable: An original idea with a plan for full-scale manufacture and distribution.
  • Safe: The benefits of using the test far outweigh any risks associated with it.
  • Connected (optional): In-built data-recording and transmission capability.
  • Prototype: Have at least three copies of your prototype ready for clinical trials.

So, for example, you should not apply yet if:

  • Your test takes longer than 30 minutes to return a result.
  • You don’t have at least three trial-ready prototypes.
  • You are unable to provide accuracy data.
  • You do not have a business plan for scale-up of your test or details about affordability.
  • You do not have a link to the United Kingdom. See our prize rules for eligibility requirements.

Crucially, please note that we’re looking to award a point-of-care diagnostic test, rather than a test that must be carried out by technicians in a lab. Find out what we mean by point-of-care here

Please ensure you read the full prize rules and terms and conditions before entering the Longitude Prize. 

Longitude Prize - are you ready to apply to win - infographic

Got a question?

Want to clarify anything before you enter? Check out our FAQs for answers to some of the most common queries we receive, or feel free to email us at longitude [dot] prize [at] nesta [dot] org [dot] uk.  

Good luck!