Over 100 teams competing to win Longitude Prize

16 Nov 2015
Written by
Nina Cromeyer Dieke

We are thrilled to have over 100 teams registered to compete to win the Longitude Prize. One year after launching the prize in November 2014, we’ve been amazed at the diversity in discipline, location and career stage of the teams and individuals working on ideas to develop a diagnostic tool to help tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR).


Our registrants come from every continent and represent 25 countries, as shown in the map above, which you can also view here.


They have a range of expertise that highlights the scope of involvement within the scientific community with antibiotic resistance. The disciplines and experience represented also underline the far-flung implications of AMR and reflect our call for applicants from all backgrounds.

The list includes companies already working on innovative bacteria-identifying diagnostic platforms and leaders in point-of-care solutions.

We have infectious disease specialists, oncologists, physicists, bioengineers, medicinal chemists, materials scientists, and even a school student in India working with his science teacher on a bacterial test kit.

Other prize contenders are looking into metabolic engineering and nanobiotechnology of microorganisms, whilst others are researching the evolutionary dynamics that lead to resistance in the first place.

Organisation type

The teams are also diverse in their organisational structure. We have 37 individuals, 43 companies, 2 charities, 17 research institutions, 8 consortiums, and 7 teams who identified as a mix of these.  

You can find out more about registrants’ backgrounds and interests, and if you’re interested in collaborating with anyone, please get in touch with us.


Our next application window closes on 31 January 2016. Join the growing list of over a hundred teams throwing their hat in the ring to put their idea forward for the Longitude Prize fund to help tackle one of the biggest challenges facing us today.

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