Our new animation: What is the Longitude Prize?

20 Apr 2016
Written by
Nina Cromeyer Dieke
An animated history of the Longitude Prize

The Longitude Prize is a challenge with a £10 million prize fund to help solve the problem of global antibiotic resistance. Launched in 2014, the winner will be whoever can successfully produce a novel point-of-care diagnostic that meets our criteria and revolutionises treatment decisions around antibiotics, helping to reduce their misuse and making them last longer. The Prize closes in September 2019, or as soon as a winner is found. 

We wanted to have a way to explain the Prize in a concise and engaging format, and we thought a short animated film would do just that. We worked closely with the talented chaps at Manta Ray Media to develop a script, visuals, music and suitable voiceover, and after several rounds of edits througout what turned out to be a fun and creative process, we arrived at the animation you can now see above. 

Please share with your networks and use it to explain the Prize! 

The video can also be found on Nesta's Vimeo channel and YouTube channel.

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