Prize rules

Who can win?

You must develop a point-of-care diagnostic test that can rule out antibiotic use or help identify an effective antibiotic to treat a patient. 

Collaborations from various fields of science, technology and business are welcomed and encouraged. 

Anyone of any age and any organisation may enter the competition as long as the team is able to demonstrate that in winning the prize it would deliver direct economic growth or benefit or social benefit in the UK.

To demonstrate such benefit the team must:

Include a member which has a presence in the United Kingdom, meaning an office in the UK, affiliation with a UK company or partnership with a UK organisation or institution, and meet one of the following requirements:

  • carry out manufacturing and/or design of the winning solution in the UK, or
  • lab test or showcase the winning solutions in the UK, or
  • use some other means agreed in writing with Nesta and Innovate UK before participating in the Longitude Prize.

The winning solution must advance Nesta’s Charitable Objects for public benefit.

Below are the basic criteria. Please also read the complete Prize Rules and Terms and Conditions before registering for the Longitude Prize.